Kapitol (Chile)




Kapitol is a 4-piece rock/pop Chilean band, formed by late 2011 in Santiago, Chile. It was conceived as an International band, whose main objective is to win over international music audiences. It has been categorized as one of “the best emerging talents in the country” as well as an “International promise”. Their music, sounding both mainstream and alternative, has been compared to major acts such as Coldplay and Keane.

The band’s original name was Coffeehouse, reaching a high level of popularity in their home country of Chile, consolidating their career with very significant milestones. Some of these include significant airplay on the most important radio stations nationwide, being part of the soundtrack of one of the most successful 2014’s soap operas, being the local support act for Beck and Blur in Santiago and playing at the worldwide recognized music festival Lollapalooza as well as at SXSW 2015.