Tate Landon Mayeux (US)

Tate Landon Mayeux



"Born in Louisiana, raised on the Texas side," as sang by the great Gatemouth Brown, tells the tale of how Tate Mayeux came to be. Guided by the music of folks such as Joe Cocker and Terry Allen, Mayeux's songs combine reckless abandonment, lyrical rebellion, and a lazy Texas drawl. After his spiritual upbringing in the hill country surrounding Austin, Mayeux started his music career playing in teenage metal bands, which allowed him to meet Brian Broussard and Taylor Englert. The boys formed their current band, Mayeux & Broussard, after discovering a shared love of roots music, especially that of the writers hailing from the Lone Star State. After nearly seven years together, the band is set to release their third full-length record in the upcoming year.